Earth Sea and Sky Yoga
unites traditional Yoga teachings,
personal Yoga experience and inspiration through nature.

Yoga Weekends and Retreats on Inis Mór
Inis Mór is one of the world's natural power spots. It is the largest of the three Aran Islands, in the West of Ireland. Its strong energy supports and intensifies the Yoga experience.
Yoga weekends and retreats offer daily sessions of movement, breathing and meditation.
As well as free time, mindful walks, times of sharing and silence. The food is simple and vegetarian.

Retreat location on Inis Mór:
The retreat house is situated in the village of Bungabhla, at the quiet West end of the Island.
The Yoga room has a glass front overlooking the sea and there are 4 guestrooms in the house, 3 single rooms and 1 shared room.

What does a retreat day look like?

Every day starts with a meditation

7:30 Meditation
8:00 Mindful silent walk
8:30 Yoga practice
10:30 Breakfast

Free time with tea,snacks

3 - 4:30 pm Yoga practice
5:30 Dinner
7:30 Meditation

Week-end retreats start on Friday evening
with dinner and end on Sunday around 2pm.
All retreats are suitable for practitioners of all levels.

"Start where you are, use what we offer,
do what you can"

Earth is stability and aliveness
Sea is fluidity, flexibility, joy
Sky is vision and the experience of open space

Balance comes from uniting stability with ease and wisdom


Earth Sea and Sky Yoga Retreats

Easter Retreat:
2 - 5 April
"Fueling your potential and intentions with new energy"
370 Euros/single room - 350 Euros/shared room

NEW Navigating the landscape of aging:
"An experiential opportunity to explore the aspects of aging."
Finding meaning in aging through talks, reflections and gentle movement.
Facilitators: Benny McCabe counselling psychologist
Monika Schluderbacher physiotherapist and yoga teacher
Price: for accommodation, meals,
workshop, island transport from/to the ferry:
290 Euro/single room, 270 shared room for each week-end.
Place: Earth Sea Sky rereat center
Inis Mor - Aran Islands

NEW Summer Retreat:
"Yoga meets island culture"
A week-end of Yoga, Irish language and dancing,
local seaweed tastings and celtic songs
370 Euros/single room - 350 Euros/shared room

"Magical setting with breathtaking views all around you.
Perfect spot on an island to reboot with peace and tranquility" Deirdre.

Voice and Yoga Retreat

"Working with voice, music and movement we can open up to a deepening of the heart of who we are and can be."

Facilitators: Deirde Ni Chinneide, singer, composer, musician, spiritual director.
Monika Schluderbacher, founder of Earth Sea Sky Yoga.
Place: Sli Aonghasa Retreat Center on Inis Mor.

Price: for 3 nights accommodation, morning and evening meals,
workshop, island transport from/to the ferry 425 Euro.

"The retreat has reignited my meditation practice in a way i didn't expect.
Reminding me of the great shift that can occur in just a few dedicated days of practice" Claire, yoga teacher.

Special Retreat 2021 in Italy
9 - 12 September
Journey to your essence
A union of Biodanza, Yoga and Mindful Communication
Reconnect to your inner strenght
Discover the power of emphaty
Savour the joy of your body through movement

"A powerful and loving union of Yoga, Biodanza and Energy work in a place filled with alchemie.
With tenderness and determination I reconnected to strenght and trust within myself" Daniela.

NEW Meditation and silence Retreat:
"A 5 days retreat to deepen your meditation practice"
5 daily meditation sessions
Plenty of silence
Mindful walks
Group reflections in the evenings
The retreat is suitable for experienced practitioners
Price: for 4 nights accommodation, meals,
retreat, island transport from/to the ferry:
390 Euro/single room and 370 shared room.

New Year’s Retreat:
"A mindful transition into the New Year with gentle and restorative yoga"
for the 4 nights retreat: 310 Euros/single room - 290 Euros/shared room.

To sign in to any retreat or to get a gift voucher go to:

"We can limit our perception or we can allow vastness to touch us" Trungpa.

I was born in 1961 in the Alps of northern Italy and grew up immersed in two different cultures and languages. Out of love for movement I trained and worked as Physiotherapist. After my second child I began to practice Yoga on a weekly basis, longing to have some time for myself and to reconnect to my body. My first teachers were Annemarie Schick and Irene Bergamaschi, both Raja Yoga teachers and Yoga pioneers in Italy. Learning more about the background and depth of Yoga it soon became my passion.I practiced and studied with teachers of different traditions from Europe, India and Tibet and completed a Sivananda Yoga teacher formation in Greece in 2004. In 2008, following a calling, I moved to Inis Mór where I live and work since.

Monika Schluderbacher
Earth Sea and Sky Yoga
Inis Mór Aran Islands Ireland
Mob. 00353 (0)85 1076143

How to get to Inis Mór

From Dublin or Cork
by car, bus, train to Galway. 2h30
From Galway to Rossaveal harbour
by car or shuttle bus. 45mn
From Rossaveal to Inis Mór/Kilronan by ferry. 45mn



You will be picked up at the pier in Kilronan. From there it is a 20 minutes drive to the retreat house at the west end of the island.
Summer only:
Ferries sailing from Doolin to Inis Mór
Flights from Inverin to Inis Mór,Shutlle bus from Galway